Tuesday, 7 February 2012

10 Most Irritating Questions... ... ...Answers to which are Most Welcome!!!

There are certain questions which echo and re-echo in our minds time and again. Some motivate us to do Better in life, while most of them bug and irritate us to the core as there is No One Right Answer to them. . .

Does this happens to you???

Well Well Well here's a list of 10 most irritating questions echoing by those scary voices inside my head every now and then... ... ... Ahhh yes yo can call them my Pet Peeves too!!! :)

  • Why!!! Oh Why is the grass always More Green on the other side???
  • What are the tips for Perfect Time Management???
  • How much Bank Balance is actually enough to be Happy???
  • Why do the most Well thought-of plans often fail???
  • Does being professional means "Stop being HUMAN"???
  • How can one stay 'within budget' without getting depressed or sad???
  • In spite of a full wardrobe how-come there are 'never any good clothes to wear'???
  • Which is a bigger crime 'Bitching about a person' or 'Being their Frenemies'???
  • What really are the 'Chilling-out' mantras of Life???
  •  Why all things desirable are either 'too expensive' 'taken' or 'fattening'???
If you guys happen to have answers to any one of these please feel free to write to me... ... ... Or you might also keep making this list more interesting by adding yours... ;)

Till then Keep Smiling and Say Cheers to Life


Friday, 27 January 2012

New Beginnings .. ... .....

First of all lemme begin by wishing everyone a Very Happy New Year :)

Gosh I can feel the eyes rolling up and you all muttering "gosh good morning Sneha!!!" Hmmmm... well I accept your exasperation and all I can say that my most ardent resolution this year is "TIME MANAGEMENT"

Well coming back to my post now.... I know that in the last few months most of my friends have had a New Beginning on personal fronts... So my Heartiest Congratulations to all... May God shower his Choicest Blessings on you all and your respective better halves ;)

As for me, there has been a new beginning too.... but on Professional front!!!! So I ask all of you to wish me luck in my future endeavours :)

Keep Smiling and Keep Celebrating Life

Smiles and Cheers

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Memories from an old diary.. ... ....

Its at the time when I get into one of my vigorous cleaning modes, I realise that what a Magpie I've become... for the benefit of non "Nature Lovers" ---Magpies are these cute black and white Australian birds that love to steal bright shiny objects and hoard them in their nests!!! Here have a look....

The cute but "COLLECTOR" Magpie

Well the reason why I took the example of Ms. Magpie was because I too am a hoarder..... and God knows how and where the stuff goes in my tiny 1 BHK apartment.... .... So you can well imagine the "Happiness" when you find a long lost "Once precious item" stashed away in a forgotten drawer. Yes!!! and  no points for guessing (as my title clearly tells you what I found) that I found my old diary.... a piece of stationary in which I scribbled my thoughts, quotations, poems, shayaris and what not.... 
Hmmmmmmmmm..... so I decided that in this post let me share with you a few shayaris which are very close to my heart and I hope that they will  make you reminiscent a few of special moments from down your memory lane too....

# Aapki Muskaan Humari Kamzori hai,
  Keh na Paana Humari Majboori hai,
  Aap Kyun Nahin Samjhte Iss Khamoshi ko.. ...
  Kya Khamoshi ko Zubaan dena Zaroori Hai....!!!

# Karoge yaad ek din iss Pyaar ke Zaamane ko,
   Chale jayenge jab hum Kabhi Na Wapas aane ko,
   Chalega mehfil mein jab Zikar Humara koi,
   Toh tum bhi Tanhaayi Dhoondoge aansu bahaane ko!!!

Aansuo ke girne ki aahat nahin hoti....
    Dil ke tootne ki awaaz nahin hoti....
    Agar hota khuda ko ehsaas dard ka,
    Toh usse dard dene ki aadat nahin hoti!!!!

# Durriyon se farak padta nahin,
   Baat toh dilon ki nazdikiyon se hoti hai...
   Dosti toh kuch khaas aap jaiso se hai,
   Warna mulaquat na jaane kitnon se hoti hai!!!

( This one is specially dedicated to my special friends Rj, Rm, Ss, As- Luv you all guys)

# Hum woh nahin jo bhool jaya karte hai,
   Hum woh hai jo nibhaya karte hai.. .. ..
   Durr rehkarr milnaa zara mushkil ho par,
   Hum yaad banke hichkiyon mein bas jaya karte hai!!!

Hope you enjoyed the shayarana flavour on CheersZindagi.... !!!

Keep Smiling n' Cheerios


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Daily Reminder Dose to Be Happy and Keep Smiling.. .. ..

Dear Myself,

On this date and time I want you to know that "Life is WHAT you MAKE of it."

No one thing or person is ever The End of Life coz' it keeps going on till the journey of your soul is complete. So promise yourself to Live it Up in Each Moment, Explore, Experience and Exult.

The only one mantra to remember by is that --- "In this journey called LIFE the Most Extraordinary Moments are Lived by Those  Who Truly and Competely Believe in Themselves." So let nothing ever stop you.
And above all your smile is your Biggest Asset  coz' it always keeps the other person guessing.
So revel in Being Yourself and spread the Love and Happiness as you know of it, without the expectation of it getting returned.... ..... and you might just  be surprised how it boomerangs your ways multiplied many folds.

Stay Happy Stay Precious


Holaaaa to All.. ... .... A lil' something about Cheers Zindagi... ... ...

Life I believe is about experimenting new things and as evident by the title of my Blog I Love It!!!

This Blog is finally a result of alot of After-thought and Planning (trust me *wink*). I have always wanted to share my love for life in form of words, quotes, pictures... whatever it takes to create a platform to share ideas and add value to the growing-up process... ... ...
I sincerely hope that whoever reads this would find the post interesting and amusing!!!

Like the ever changing Colours and Moods of life,  you'll find on this page Anything and Everything that is there to Life. . . ranging from Soul Stirring Thoughts to Yummy Recepies, from DIY Home Decor Tips to Travelling and Shopping tips......its gonna be all about Ideas, ideas and ideas on how to Live Life to the Fullest.... after all " You Get To Live But Once, So Just Do It Up Your Way" :)