Tuesday, 7 February 2012

10 Most Irritating Questions... ... ...Answers to which are Most Welcome!!!

There are certain questions which echo and re-echo in our minds time and again. Some motivate us to do Better in life, while most of them bug and irritate us to the core as there is No One Right Answer to them. . .

Does this happens to you???

Well Well Well here's a list of 10 most irritating questions echoing by those scary voices inside my head every now and then... ... ... Ahhh yes yo can call them my Pet Peeves too!!! :)

  • Why!!! Oh Why is the grass always More Green on the other side???
  • What are the tips for Perfect Time Management???
  • How much Bank Balance is actually enough to be Happy???
  • Why do the most Well thought-of plans often fail???
  • Does being professional means "Stop being HUMAN"???
  • How can one stay 'within budget' without getting depressed or sad???
  • In spite of a full wardrobe how-come there are 'never any good clothes to wear'???
  • Which is a bigger crime 'Bitching about a person' or 'Being their Frenemies'???
  • What really are the 'Chilling-out' mantras of Life???
  •  Why all things desirable are either 'too expensive' 'taken' or 'fattening'???
If you guys happen to have answers to any one of these please feel free to write to me... ... ... Or you might also keep making this list more interesting by adding yours... ;)

Till then Keep Smiling and Say Cheers to Life


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