Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Daily Reminder Dose to Be Happy and Keep Smiling.. .. ..

Dear Myself,

On this date and time I want you to know that "Life is WHAT you MAKE of it."

No one thing or person is ever The End of Life coz' it keeps going on till the journey of your soul is complete. So promise yourself to Live it Up in Each Moment, Explore, Experience and Exult.

The only one mantra to remember by is that --- "In this journey called LIFE the Most Extraordinary Moments are Lived by Those  Who Truly and Competely Believe in Themselves." So let nothing ever stop you.
And above all your smile is your Biggest Asset  coz' it always keeps the other person guessing.
So revel in Being Yourself and spread the Love and Happiness as you know of it, without the expectation of it getting returned.... ..... and you might just  be surprised how it boomerangs your ways multiplied many folds.

Stay Happy Stay Precious


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